Artist Statement


Stitching in public is my way of breaking the boundaries: my only limitation is finding a plug socket!

I transport my sewing machine to public places to draw in stitch. Observing the surroundings and people, I create a narrative of my experience. Using a sewing machine on a train, in a laundrette or by a bus stop, I become a public installation.

I empathise with the objects and people: they become caricatures of my imagination as I create their story.

The experience I gain from interaction with the environment feeds in to my stitching and enriches the narrative. Snatches of conversation and scraps of material are woven into the piece.

I aim to transform mundane into extraordinary, transient to fixed.

My stitching can become abstract as I only have a few seconds to capture a moment.

Betfreds, 2012, Harriet Riddell
Bookies in Hatfield, two young girls were running the shop allowed me to stitch inside. The men paid little attention to me whilst gambling their money away.


2 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. Brilliant. I was impressed from the very moment I head of this idea. Please keep it up, it is unique and remarkable.

    John Atytalla

  2. Hi Hat, wonderful wonderful fantastic love it love it. my secretary hamish riddell is doing the honours here, love the lady with the flowered hat on the poster for your show and the pregnant girl, the bus stoppers in wait. Love the documentary. I know you have one fabulous prize i saw part of it in the documentary, fantastic idea. It was so clever and a clever innovation. AND ALL THE POUNDS so now you have ticket money. Love Granny Boots

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